Building your closet with staple pieces that create depth is a must, but easier said than done!  Sure, we all need that perfect LBD or everyday denim, but what about the prints that spark our creative juju and personality? While they may not seem like staples, they are essential in helping us distinguish our personal style.

My name is Caroline and as a Leota employee our fabulous prints are my go-to when I am in need of some flare. It was a no brainer for me to pack my fave summer styles as I got ready to head to Europe this past month! The versatile, flattering perks of Leota dresses make them an easy packing list item, especially since they are wrinkle-free and travel friendly!

Packing light is crucial, so I put together three unique looks with the same dress that could take me from city to city, day to night. The Confetti Dot Chocolate Chip print immediately grabbed me, as it bridges the gap between sassy and neutral, making it easy to create chic and fabulous looks with minimal suitcase space! 

Outfit #1 - Barcelona, Spain - Exploring La Boqueria Barcelona…


I began my trip in Barcelona, Spain, ready to explore the markets and take in the culture of La Rambla and La Boqueria. For my first day, I wanted a casual yet feminine look that would still be comfortable, making my Leota dress an easy choice.  

The flowy dress paired with the vintage Levi denim jacket gives this look an unmatchable edge. I love to wear layers when I travel because it’s versatile for cold to warm temperatures. To achieve effortless style and comfort for my day exploring, I chose walkable neutral platform slides. These sandals give the illusion of a heel, while functioning like a comfortable flat. Yes! My step tracker showed we walked 6 miles that day! On my way out the door to La Boqueria, I grabbed a pair of trendy sunglasses to complement my look.

Results? I felt cool and comfortable with this edgy feminine style. And La Boqueria is fabulous - you have to go!

Outfit #2 - Marseille, France - Cruising the French Riviera...

As my travel adventure evolved, so did my accessories! Next, I found myself in the South of France in the quintessential city of Marseille. Not sure what the day would entail, I chose this outfit to be ready for anything. A stroll by the water, a quick boat trip along the coast, or a hike along the city’s many forts? I knew I would be equipped to do it all.

For my 2nd look, I tied my hair in an effortless pony to go with the more laid back accessories. The white linen blouse pairs well with the polka dots, emphasizing the nautical, chic vibe - perfect for Marseille. The blouse can be styled open or tied at the waist. With such a different take on the dress, no one would ever suspect I was wearing the same get-up two days prior! As for the shoes, I went with my open-air platform sneakers, to make the outfit more sporty yet seasonally appropriate (and comfortable!).

Plot Twist! What to do in crisis of the mid-trip stain?!

While vacationing in Marseille, it is easy to get caught up in the romance of the city and the vino! But what was I supposed to do when that entire glass of delicious French red ended up on one of my Leota vacation essentials only half way through the trip?! I panicked. A little. But - I quickly recovered and realized I had nothing to worry about, because, LEOTA!  

With our classic Essential Jersey fabrics, this is no problem that cannot be fixed in a hotel bathroom. All you need to do in case of emergency is add some hot water and hand soap - if I’m being honest, I accidentally used the hand lotion instead of the soap - massage the fabric, ring it out and hang to dry! It really is just that simple (and the lotion worked just as well!). I was pleasantly surprised that the fabric wicks aways stains the same way it resists the common suitcase wrinkles!

Outfit #3 - Mallorca, Spain -  Sangria and tapas in Mallorca...

Once I had the stain under control it was time for my next adventure. Moving on to Mallorca, Spain it quickly became time for happy hour and dinner in outfit #3!  For this look, I grabbed my newest pair of white, sleek summer heels in order to add a feminine elegance to the classy dot Tereza dress. Thin strappy sandals are slimming and do not compete with the aesthetic of the outfit. Not to mention, they go with almost anything, which makes them a packing essential on any trip.

I layered a leopard shawl to vamp up the outfit and separate the look from my daytime selections. Here at Leota, we love our print mixing, as it is an easy way to elevate any look and take it into the next timezone. I also found that my printed shawl provided me optimal warmth and protected me from that brisk sea breeze. To complete the ensemble, throw on some lipstick and add some loose curls and you are ready for a chic night on the town!

Just like that - I went from day to night, lunch to drinks to dinner - and three European cities - with no mess and no wrinkles (despite my best efforts!)



May 15, 2019 — Camille Luang

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