Hi everyone,

Well, things changed fast, didn’t they? I hope you are taking good
care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors. It is quite
the paradox, to be called on to support one another while also
practicing social distancing. I’m feeling nervous and unsettled and
have turned to my partner, my best friend, and my puppy for comfort.
Being an entrepreneur, I am pretty well acquainted with the unknown,
but this is next-level!

I feel sad receiving emails from many of my treasured local shops that
are going out of business because they can’t survive having their
sales go to zero during this crisis. I understand and identify with
their struggle. The fact is, Leota is a bootstrapped small business.
We’re going to continue to do the best we can, but no matter how
strong I am, I admit there are some things out of my control and this
pandemic is one of them.

Leota is powering through these challenging times. Our team is working
from home, together with their roommates, kids, partners, pets and
in-laws, and following guidelines from the WHO on how to stay safe and
protect the community. They are making sure our production and supply
chain aren’t interrupted and I’m really proud of them for rallying.
Leota exists for women who do it all – well now we’re doing at all at
home, aren’t we? We got this!

Please know that Leota is in business. Leota.com is open, and
shipments are making their way to our customers' doors. We're doing
our best to keep the lights on for our team, and we thank you for your
continued support.

Leota content will be shifting in the coming days. We aim to be a
source of good cheer, design inspiration, and practical advice. I’ll
also share my startup story and notes on what continues to keep me
motivated to persevere through uncertainty. Follow along with us on
email and Instagram.

I'm figuring this out day by day, just like you, so please share and
don't be a stranger.


Listen, COVID-19 doesn’t have an equal effect on all of us. People with
compromised health, the elderly, undocumented people, the poor are
particularly vulnerable. Here are three organizations that are
No Kid Hungry
City Meals
The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation
March 24, 2020 — sarah carson


Darlene said:

Thank you so much for your reach out. This is one iof the reasons why I love 💕 Leota.
Thank you for your honesty, as well as passion for us and your people and brand.
Stay well, I want to but but I don’t have a job and husband furloughed.
I look forward one day soon to shop again.
All the best

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