Founder Sarah Carson visits this Mexico getaway for R&R and a Leota campaign video shoot. Sarah shares her recommendations for the perfect retreat.
Puerto Escondido, Mexico is an absolute paradise. Rustic and sleepy, there’s not much to do here and I love that. I get enough stimulation just commuting to work every morning from Brooklyn and the never-ending fashion calendar. Gorgeous white sand beaches, affordable lodging, and incredible Oaxacan food made Puerto Escondido the perfect remote getaway.
"I have to do things for myself in order to stay inspired as a designer and entrepreneur. So off I went to this casual, gorgeous relaxing paradise with my partner, my best friend and a couple of artist friends. - Sarah"

Where to stay in Puerto Escondido
Off the beaten path: we stayed at an architectural marvel called Casa Cal, in a remote beach between Escondido and Mazunte in Oaxaca, Mexico. The property has just been featured in Architectural Digest and Dwell. With an indoor-outdoor living, open air kitchen with a full time private chef, magical succulent garden, and quiet path to the beach, it was heaven.

Where to eat
For a day trip, have a casual lunch on the beach in Playa Zicatela. The best place for fine dining (with spectacular view) is Espadin. The region is known for mezcal, which has a gorgeous smoky taste that is perfect for sipping. Stop at a roadside stand and buy some of the homemade stuff. The mole sauce in Oaxaca is to die for.

Where to play
Surf lesson Playa Carrizalillo. If you're somewhat fit and a decent swimmer, private surf lessons are a super fun early morning activity before it gets too hot.

How to Chill
As a sole founder, I know what burnout means. Here's how I destress:
  • Massage - I recommend booking a masseuse to come to the house.
  • Private yoga session - a private yoga session at home overlooking the ocean in the morning before it gets too hot. These things can all be arranged once you’re there by asking your hosts. No need to do a ton of pre-planning. Life is complicated, travel should be easy.
What to pack
It’s hot. Really hot. And very casual. Don’t bring workout clothes. Don’t bring your laptop (WiFi sucks). Leave your heels and accessories at home. Makeup is not really necessary either (during our video shoot, our makeup was melting off!) Don’t bother trying to fix your hair either. Luckily, the beautiful light from the beach and the prettiest sunsets in the world will make you look perfect. Relaxation looks good on you.
Packing list for Puerto Escondido:
    • 4 Leotas (they are perfect for vacation, more on that in my video below!)
    • Bathing suit (I swim in my Leota, see my video)
    • Rash guard or spf shirt
    • Flip flops
    • Sun hat (wear on the plane to save space)
    • Sun glasses
    • Lover, best friend, or siblings
    • Buy sunscreen at the airport so you don’t have to check a bag
    • Art supplies, camera, or laptop. When I travel, I get creative and reflective. We spent time drawing, working on animation projects, storyboarding and creating a video, and doing annual reflection and goal setting. When there’s nothing to do, it’s a great opportunity to let your creativity have space and think deeper about life.

We had so much fun, we even made a video called "How to Wash Your Leota on Vacation!"




July 04, 2019 — Amit Collaborator

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