1. Put your money where your heart is

What matters to you? The environment? Labor concerns? Equal pay? Community reinvestment? Buy stuff from brands that share your values. Don’t reward bad behavior by shopping with companies that don’t care. Did you know that most fashion brands (fast fashion and luxury alike) throw away unsold merchandise, but Leota donates it to women in need? That’s called Doing The Right Thing.



2. Buy Things That Last

We’re all on a budget, but it is worth it to spend a little more on a product that will last, and that is good for the environment.  Fast fashion, meaning low price high volume products, fall apart after an average of 5 wears are kept for just 35 days. Fast fashion garments produce over 400% more carbon emissions per item per year than garments worn 50 times and kept for a full year. By contrast, Leota garments are worn an average of 300 times - or more - try us!



3. Hold your brands accountable

Our customers love telling us what to do - and we welcome it. Our Founder still reads every single piece of customer feedback. Write or call companies, the press, to your elected officials, to make your voice heard. It’s literally their job to listen to you. Talk about us on social media - we’re listening.


4. Recognize that Earth-friendly goods might cost more

The fact is, well made items cost more. It means the workers involved in their creation were paid a living wage and enjoyed fair, safe working conditions. It means the manufacturing process was likely better for the environment. And it means the quality is better. So you get an item that looks fantastic, lasts long, and is good for the Earth and its people. And what’s more stylish than that?


Want more? Read our Founder’s manifesta on how the fashion business needs to stop ruining the environment. Get Real: Fashion is Horrible for the Planet. For Earth Day, Here's What You Can Do to Help. 



Tereza Dress in Agave 

Perfect Wrap in Small Field Floral

Betty Flutter Midi in Wild Tulip



April 21, 2019 — Amit Collaborator

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