Moms are my world. They are my customers, my friends, my colleagues, our Vice President, my family. They are taking care of everything, especially the last couple of years. They show us how to love, and how to do business. 

Speaking of business, let me tell you about how my mom empowered my sister and I to be creators. Back in the day, we’d be out and about and my sister and I would see something we loved and our Mom would whisper to us, “we could make that!” And then we would. We’d tinker away at our projects endlessly after our homework was done. My Mom provided supplies and then urged us to make it special, make it our own – she encouraged us to be different. 

Realizing I really could make something myself meant that I didn’t have to settle for what already existed. I had the power to make something new and make it better. I think about how this mindset was instilled in me long ago from my Mom as I continue to “tinker” away at Leota, creating, iterating and making mistakes. Every entrepreneur (– including myself –) swears there is a science to business, but there really isn’t a formula. It’s a lot of trial and error. It’s impossible to make a science out of art. We need to remember we’re creators.

My Mom encouraged me to make art, just for the joy of creating something. To her, that is a reason enough on its own.

Moms are the reason everything exists, I don’t think that’s an overstatement! Happy Mother’s Day to these Moms I know and love:

Cheers to ALL the Mothers and Mother figures – the “best thing I ever did was have children” Moms, the ambivalent Moms, the ones who wanted to be Moms but couldn’t... This day is a mix of joy, reflection and anguish for many. But however you’re feeling and celebrating today, Happy Mother’s Day! From the Leota team.

Much Love, 


P.S.: Here are some resources that make an impact in supporting all the amazing Moms out there!:

  1. The Mom Project: The Mom Project creates career opportunities for moms to thrive in the workplace. Platforms like this remind us that a woman's career ambitions and being a mom don't have to be sacrificed. Hire a mom!
  2. PFlag National: When I came out, organizations like PFlag and their LGBTQ+ groups helped provide resources and information for my Mom on how to support me as best as possible. PFlag provides a community for LGBTQ+ people and loved ones. 
  3. Family Equality: An extra loud shout-out to gay moms in Florida, I see you! One organization I suggest supporting is Family Equality, they envision a world in which every LGBTQ+ person has the right and the opportunity to form and sustain a loving family, regardless of their sexual orientation. Family Equality’s Florida chapter may provide life-affirming resources to those affected by the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.



May 08, 2022 — sarah carson

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