Happy New Year from Leota! 

This year is about being All You! That means appreciating yourself as you are, having fun and following your joy. 

After all we’ve been through the last few years, I am not in a “new year, new me” mood. The usual resolutions don’t resonate with me. The last few years have revealed that what I am is already more than enough. I’m perfectly imperfect and there’s already so much beauty in that! I for one, won’t be unnecessarily reorganizing, I’m not one treatment away from looking like so-and-so celebrity, I won’t be waiting until my body is perfect before appreciating it or investing in it. I’m going to be myself, my usual self. Isn’t that enough? 

Of course it is. In 2022, I’m going to be All Me the way you ought to be All You. I’ll be having fun. I’ll be channeling joy. I’ll be doing what feels good – are you with me?

Maybe you’ve had your kids all up in your business the last couple years with schools being closed. Maybe your home (– which was already full –) had to become a home office. Maybe you closed your business or changed careers. Maybe you spent a lot of time caring for others and have neglected yourself in the process. Maybe you lost loved ones... It’s a lot! What does prioritizing YOU look like? I hope you’re able to structure your days around your needs, your ambitions and your joy.

Like a whimsical gratitude list, here’s what’s presently bringing me joy:


I urge you to create your own collage of happy things to inspire you and to refer to when you find yourself in need of a pick me up.

I started Leota for women like you. Some exciting things are coming in 2022. We are launching our kids collection, ages 4-14, called Leota Shine. Our Spring Collection launched this past week and we’re so excited to share some new styles with you. We are in a Real Fab mood and have “more-is-more” prints and styles made to fit your body and keep up with your lifestyle. I hope our new styles inspire you like they do me! (Afterall, it is all for you!) I can’t wait to hear what you think…

How will you make 2022 All You? Share your stories with me! @leotanewyork #leotainthewild.



January 24, 2022 — sarah carson

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