Try shooting your spring collection when it’s 30 degrees in New York! That’s not happening. With the help of family, an iPhone, and sparkling wine, we got some beautiful shots of our Spring 2020 collection and the gorgeous Santa Barbara views.
Sarah in Leota Spring 2020
As always, I only travel with a carry on size bag. Less is always more when I roll up a few wrinkle-free Leota dresses, 2-3 shoes (including flats), lipstick, a jogging outfit (wishful thinking), and my curly hair stuff (any girl who lived through the 80’s knows what I’m talking about).
Leota Spring 2020 Collection Santa Barbara
I turn every family trip into a Leota photo shoot and this was no different! With an outdoor wood fired oven, we created a week-long pizza test kitchen. This is also one of the greatest regions for wine tasting. We rented bikes (the partially electric ones where you don’t have to pedal), marveled at the golden sunsets, and enjoyed our family time.
Sarah and Jessica Leota Spring 2020 Santa Barbara Photoshoot
Of course, we wanted to move there by the end of our week and have a 5-year plan to ditch Brooklyn for the west coast.
Leota Spring 2020
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May 15, 2020 — sarah carson

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